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Adding Information to WikiHistory

The information in WikiHistory is not editorial, therefore we ask that you provide references for your additions. Simply provide a link or a text reference in the Sources section of each page. If you need additional help you can view the contents of other pages. Just do your best. An editor will review each entry that's made and if it needs a little fixing up it's not a problem.

The content that gets added to WikiHistory can be longer than you might expect to find in an encyclopedia, as this is a history book, and not an encyclopedia. The layout is chronological, year by year. The goal is to provide more than simple historical facts. The goal is to weave culture, religion, politics, weather, astronomical occurrences, geological occurrences, wars and anything else that has gone on into fabric that helps people understand what life was truly like in the past, whether it was yesterday or 10,000 years ago. Too often history books are lists of battles and rulers. While this is what is often recorded by historians, old and new, we know many other things about the past, such as climate change, when comets flew by, when there were solar eclipses. Some of these things had great religious significance.

WikiHistory will strive to see the World as a whole and not dwell on European history, or American History. At the moment WikiHistory is in English only. We hope that will change in the near future as we launch new features in the Wiki and as more people volunteer to translate the pages.

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Page last modified on January 27, 2013, at 10:21 AM